Continuing on Her Independent Journey, Keke Palmer Releases Part 1 of ‘Virgo Tendencies’ EP

Keke Palmer returns with Part 1 of her Virgo Tendencies EP. Up until now, she has released a slew of singles. “Thick,” “Snack,” “Virgo Tendencies,” “FYG, “Sticky,” and “Twerk N Flirt.

This is the first full length project since her Lauren EP in 2016. Palmer has released more singles since then, including “Better to Have Love” and”Wind Up.” Palmer’s new EP is 12 tracks with music, skits, and some “Keke’s” along the way. All of Palmer’s latest musical releases have been released independently.


  1. 1-800-Keke
  2. Dreamcatcher
  3. Marvelous (Keke Palmer & 24hrs)
  4. Let’s Have a Keke
  5. Snack
  6. Sticky
  7. Twerk N Flirt
  8. Quarantine Blues
  9. Thick
  10. Comfort
  11. The Den
  12. New Nxgga

Stream/Download Part 1 of Keke Palmer’s Virgo Tendencies here. Search “Keke Palmer” (or click here) to see past videos for the latest project.

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