Keke Palmer Delivers Fun Filled “Twerk N Flirt” Single

It’s been hot second since we had new music from Keke, but she keeps coming strong ahead of her first independent album.

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After released her EP “Lauren” in 2016, Keke has delivered a few more songs over the years.” Wind Up,” “Bossy,” and “Better To Have Loved” have all earned attention from her fans, and a great step in her independent grind.

Keke’s latest single, “Twerk N Flirt,” is just as you’d expect. Fun, catchy, and a descriptive song of a person our generation just having fun. While a boss, Keke is still just a young lady who likes to have fun, and “Twerk N Flirt.”

“T-twerk and take a shot at the same time/, I’m attracted to the bassline/ Let you hold onto my waistline, Bet you wonder what I taste like/ He said, “I’m straight up ’bout to know ya” (Yeah)/ He asked if I could get to know ya (Yeah)/ (But, look) I ain’t finna bone ya (I already know)/ One dance is all that I have for you/ Twerk like I’m from New Orleans (Yeah), Baby, can you handle all this? (Yeah)/ But it don’t matter ’cause you won’t hit this, This dance is all that I have for you”

Check out the song below.

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