MTV to Bring Museum of Missy Elliott to Life for 2 Days

Along with getting the long-deserved Michael Jackson Vanguard award, MTV is also creating a Missy Elliott museum.

Via. @waterproofheart on Twitter

According to the Splash That event link, Museum of Missy is “an interactive museum experience honoring her work and the creative visionaries behind some of her most iconic music videos: June Ambrose, Hype Williams, Dave Myers, HiHat, Billy B and Gloria Elias-Foeillet.”

Earlier this year, Elliot received her honorary degree from the Berkelee School of Music. She also just got inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and is planning to release her seventh album.

“I’m so thrilled that MTV, in collaboration with Pepsi, has decided to showcase the amazing work of my dear friend Missy Elliott,” June Ambrose said in a statement from Essence. “It has been my distinct honor and privilege to have been fortunate enough to costume design for Missy for so many years, a true labor of love…”

The museum will be open Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 24-25. Takes place at 632 Broadway, New York, N.Y., between Houston and Bleecker. Check out the link here.

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