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KeKe Palmer has delivered new music, but instead of a single, she released a 5 track EP, alongside a visual/behind the scenes video for “Lauren.” “Lauren,” which is Palmer’s first name, is a look inside the real Keke, or should i say Lauren. The 5 songs are “Doubtful,” “Got Me Fucked Up (Feat. Dreezy),” “Jealous,” “Pressure,” and “Hands Free.” To help bring her music to life, Palmer worked with Sean Garrett, and they in turn created an EP to the Lauren we see before us today. The EP and Visual take you on a journey, an if you pay attention to the lyrics; you’ll understand the meanings behind the visuals. “Doubtful” for example has Palmer fully closed, even in a trench-coat, while there are couples undressed and arguing outside in the rain. It shows the lack of vulnerability she has.  Although, growing up in her life; one could understand why she is like that. Another important element in the visual is Palmer and dancers dressed in traditional Egyptian garments, like how our ancestors did. That was important to Palmer to showcase.

In an interview with Billboard, Palmer explained the name behind her EP.

Billboard: “Why title the project Lauren?”

KeKe: “Because I feel like it helps keep in mind what this whole EP is about, which is giving an entrance into who I am truly, like where I come from, how my career as Keke Palmer began. Keke, of course, is a family nickname. Everything attached to it — being my entertainment name, I feel like are often so separate from the totality of who I am because so much of my early career was based off of acting and my characters. Of course, I’m not my characters and so for my EP, I felt like because this is them getting to see it through the true me, where I’m coming from and how I’m feeling, I feel like it was perfect to title it my birth name Lauren.”


I love the visual for another reason, which may be cheesy, but i love KeKe. In the visual for “Jealous,” which is a hype ratchet track i love; Palmer takes us back to her neighborhood of Mudville located in Chicago. It’s nice to see that through the years, Palmer can still go home and get the love from her home. Although KeKe has come far, and is working hard on her career; don’t get it twisted, she doesnt tolerate disrespect.


“Bitch, Don’t Let This TV Make You Think That You Know Me.”


Watch the vvisual below, and catch the “Lauren” EP here!

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