#NewMusic, Keke Palmer Releases 2 Singles, “FYG” & “Virgo Tendencies” 1

Keke Palmer has been doing in the music game for awhile, and she continues to deliver dope content, and indepednely on her own label. Palmer just released two new singles, “FYG” & “Virgo Tendencies.”

“Virgo Tendencies” is a real “fuck you if you cross me” vibe. Palmer knows her worth, and doesn’t want to settle. Palmer is in her bag, enjoyinging herself, and letting it be known she isn’t one to be played with.

“Brick wall around my heart, how’d you get it? Sitting here regretting our connection/Why you dancing like some diamonds round my questions? Finna lose all this greatness, your obsession/ Should probably always wear long sleeves, When you wear your heart on your shoulder/ I got Virgo tendencies, Cross me once and it’s over “

Palmer’s second single, “FYG” (F Your Girlfriend), is a single about an unexpected chance, and doing what she wants. Becoming involved with somebody, finding out they’re in a relationship, and still can’t leave the person alone. Wanting what you want, and in this case, is’ for the person to forget about their girlfriend.

“And I never would’ve turned you on if I knew you had a girlfriend, And I never would’ve threw it at you on the floor, oh no/ Now we both feeling, Let it all take you away, Higher than a ceiling/ Don’t you be like that baby, come on give me that love/ F your girlfriend”

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