Swizz Beatz Says Brandy Verzuz Monica is the “Next Ladies Battle” They’re Working On (Video)

The people, the industry, and even themselves at times have put Brandy and Monica against each other for years since “The Boy is Mine.” Now, we may or may not get our battle, but it would be a celebration, for the culture.

Since verzuz has been going on, people kept suggesting matches, and Brandy verzuz Monica is always in the mix from the fans. Brandy and Monica have both said they would do it if it was a celebration like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, but neither have acknowledged speaking to each other. Brandy recently said Monica turned it down, but Swizz Beatz said a Brandy and Monica battle is the next women’s battle they’re working on.

“That’s high on the list,” Beatz said while discussing Brand and Monica with Usher. “That’s like the next ladies battle we’re focusing on…I can’t see them celebrating another person other than themselves…”

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