Remember “What’s Luv?” Fat Joe Says Murder Inc. Wanted to Replace Ashanti for Jennifer Lopez “For The Latinos” (Video)

If you were born before a certain age, then you know Fat Joe & Ashanti’s song “What’s Luv?” Well, Joe just revealed something to Ashanti something she never knew, and that’s the fact that Murder Inc. wanted to replace her for Jennifer Lopez on the track “for the Latinos.” 

“I don’t know if you know,” Joe said as he started telling the story. “Irv (Gotti) and Ja (Rule) had called me, and they woke me up at 3 o’clock in the morning and said “come down, we made a song for you.” This was right after Pun passed. When I go to the studio… they play “What’s Luv?” and you were on it. They was telling me “this is for you and J. Lo, we want the Latinos on this…”

Joe backed and defended Ashanti, saying that it was his decision to leave Ashanti on the track. Ashanti revealed that she never knew, and said “he (Gotti) stayed pulling records, or tried to pull records from me”

Watch the story below.

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