RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Talks Business & Entrepreneurship at Ubiquitous Women’s Expo 1

Robyn Dixon is beyond more than a reality television star. Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship is never an easy task, but the Real Housewives of Potomac star is determined to succeed.

I got the opportunity to speak with the University of Maryland graduate. We talked about her house flipping business, her online cap, shirt, and hoodie line Embellished Shop, and also shared what brought her to the Ubiquitous Women’s Expo.

“When Germaine invited me to participate, to be honest, I had never heard of this before. However, I instantly was connected to the purpose of the expo. I love the vibe here. It’s all about black sisterhood, inclusivity, business-owned, growth; its been so warm for my heart.”

If you’ve been watching the current season of RHOP, then you know Dixon decided take a new business route with house flipping. Although it took more than what she initially thought, she was able to get through it, and sell her first house.

Dixon on entrepreneurship:

“I think it’s so important for all women, especially Black women to understand that we have the power of entrepreneurship,” Dixon began. “We have the talent to build empires. Just because you may not have the power or resources to do what you want at the very moment, we all have the power to be amazing and do awesome things in this world. There’s so much opportunity out here. Being a business owner is not just for the rich…”

Entrepreneurship is a road that takes a lot of work, time, and sacrifice. Many people associate beginning a business with needing to have a lot of money to begin with, especially house flipping. Dixon shared what she learned through a lot of misconceptions.

Dixon on house flipping:

“Real estate investment is one of those things when people hear those words, they think ‘oh my God, I have to be a millionaire, or I have to find $100,000 to invest…’ I’ve learned that this is not the case. You can actually purchase a home for, let’s say $20,000-$30,000, and work on and renovate it, and still make a nice profit. It’s just about being educated about the process. It’s not just limited to the rich.”

“There’s a ton of information online,” she continued. “You can google how to get into the business. You can start taking courses, online courses, in-person courses. You hear a lot of stuff on the radio and tv ads about flipping house; you don’t have to be Donald Trump to be a real estate investor.”

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