#NewVideo: Teyana Taylor Tells an Intimate Story in ‘Concrete’

Teyana Taylor just dropped her latest video, “Concrete,” starring herself and husband Iman Shumpert. Throughout the video, we see the two acting out the lyrics of the song. While things are going good, something is telling Taylor that “something’s wrong.” We see them be intimate (to an extent), and push each other away in the next second.

“My body’s your addiction, Your touch is my affliction/ I speak, you never listen, Somehow we stay consistent/ Rehearsin’ my thoughts on the way to your crib, oh, Overnight bag in the back of the whip/ You dickmotize my feelings, Then judge the way I’m healing/ I thought you grew up Christian, Let’s talk about forgiveness/ But you wanna sit and breathe on the phone, no, The silence is tellin’ me something’s wrong”

Via. Lyrics

Watch the video for “Concrete” below, and stream/download Taylor’s The Album here.

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