#NewVideo: Teyana Taylor & Kehlani Get Wet, Wild & Free in the “Morning”

Dropped directly at midnight, Teyana Taylor & Kehlani gave us all of them in their video for their new song, “Morning.”

Sensual and sexual, both singers deliver visual content to match the lyrical. Despite the nature of the song, it’s clear these two had fun with the song, and the video. With another video directed by Taylor, she really just keeps going in her creative bag. Using lights and shadow to set the moods, but also having multiple, simple scenes, Taylor shows that she really is a creative genius in her own right.

“Talk that shit, play with that clit, and watch it rain on you/ Funny how you thought I tapped out when we were fucking, we’re just getting started/ Hit it, quit it, feel that shit, get it/ Lick it, fuck it, feel it, touch it/ Titties in your mouth, with your tongue all out/ I ain’t here to play no games, I’m gonna give it to you/ Just how you want it”

Watch the sexy, yet dynamic pair come together for their latest video below!

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