LisaRaye McCoy Says She Has Receipts on Nicole Murphy Cheating with Ex-Husband

LisaRaye McCoy stopped by the Wendy Williams show, cleared up her side of the stories being shared, and said she has receipts.

After photos circulated of Nicole Murphy kissing a married man, she had to fight against speculation of home wrecking. During the time, McCoy had mentioned she did did before, during her marriage with Michael Misick.

“But here’s the thing,” McCoy started her statement with. “I sat with [Nicole] a couple [of] months ago,” she began. “And I said, ‘Let’s talk about it, because I waited a very long time for you and I to get like this [face to face].’ And we had a good conversation because she said to me, ‘We’re two older women that look good, that are in the business, I hate this.’ And I do too. I hate when we can’t bridge the gap.”

In true Williams fashion, she tried to find out the recipes, but McCoy kept it coy. She did state that “I don’t ever talk about nothing I don’t know.” When asked what kind of proof she has, McCoy responded “the kind that I don’t need to ask nobody else about.”

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