#NewVideo: Riley Wants to Keep Things on the Low in ‘Creppin”’

Following up on “BGE,” Riley released the second video from her debut EP, “Creppin’.” Riley looks gorgeous throughout, and while the topic of creeping is typically used in a salacious way, Riley isn’t cheating on anybody. It’s about keeping your business on the low, testing the waters with a potential bae while still doing you.

“Oh, If we’re creeping around, I don’t want nobody else to know, Let’s see where this goes/ If we’re creeping around, I don’t want all of our friends to know, Kiss but don’t tell at all/ Keep tryna put me on display, I’ve been tryna figure how to say this/ Love the way it feels when you say “Baby”, Don’t want them to hear it when you say it”

Lyrics via. Genius

Download/stream Riley’s EP here and watch her performance with The TERRELL Show here, and watch the video for “Creepin'” below.

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