#NewVideo: Porcelan’s Relationship Saga Continues in “Grimey”

Things were perfect in “Lois Lane,” then she had to “Act Out,” now her actions were a result of “Grimey” antics being done. “Grimey” is Porcelan’s latest single.

At the end of her video for “Act Out,” we see a woman interview with Porcelan and her plans to get back at a man. We don’t see what happens, but we hear gunshots. Now, “Grimey” appears to pick up with the aftermath of “Act Out.”

“I really wanted to speak about some of the ugly moments of being in a relationship,” Porcelan states about the song. “And when you give that special person chance after chance to make things right and they simply continue to turn around and disappoint you. But then there is that one day that you say enough is enough and you call them out on their “grimey-ness” and see that they were never good for you, so they have to go.” 

Check out the video below, and download “Grimey” here..

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