#NewVideo: Cupcakke Delivers a Story in “Discounts” Visual

A month after delivering “Discounts,” we have an official movie. It’s important to note that Cupcakke released a previous video for “Discounts,” but she quickly removed it, wanting to do better. It’s clear she had a vision, and delivered.

The “Discounts” movie has the rapper working on a grocery store for one part, while having a side hustle. The video story elevates after one customer didn’t get the discount she wanted, resulting in a full blown shoot out in the market.

“On the gang, niggas broke as hell, ain’t doing well, straight buffing, I’m CupcakKe but I’ll muff a bitch so motherfuckers just call me “Muffins” (Brrra)/ Couple bitches claimin’ they want smoke ’til I pull up with the Dutches, Come around, screamin’ “Ten toes down”, be the same bitches with crutches/ Yeah, bitch, no, I’m not feelin’ ya, Fuck 12, no pedophilia/ Keep a bank with me like Azealia, On the verse, then I’m billy, yeah/ Nigga thought he was gettin’ ass, If you show cash, just throw bread/ But I think the fuck not, like Cardi forehead”

Check out the video below.

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