#NewMusic: Cupcakke Let’s People Know Who She Is on “Discounts”

Listeners can’t help but get hype while listening to Cupcakke’s new single “Discounts.” She’s coming out the gate swinging, her flow and beat compliments each other well. Cupcake posted that “Discounts” is the first song by an independent rapper to go number one in all genres on the iTunes Charts.

“I had a nigga that text my phone like “Bae, get ready, go pack a bag”, Said he on his way in the back of the cab, I said “Hold on, I have to laugh” (Hahahaha)/ On the gang, niggas broke as hell, ain’t doing well, straight buffing, I’m cupcakKe but I’ll muff a bitch so motherfuckers just call me “Muffins” (Brrra)/ Couple bitches claimin’ they want smoke ’til I pull up with the Dutches, Come around, screamin’ “Ten toes down”, be the same bitches with crutches/ Yeah, bitch, no, I’m not feelin’ ya, Fuck 12, no pedophilia/ Keep a bank with me like Azealia, On the verse, then I’m billy, yeah/ Nigga thought he was gettin’ ass, If you show cash, just throw bread”

Lyrics Via. Genius

Get “Discounts” here.

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