#NewVideo: Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z Highlight Black Excellence & Business in “Entrepreneur”

In his latest single, Pharrell Williams sends a message to the Black community. A message up power and uplifting one another, and Jay-Z amplifies the intentions of Williams.

Throughout, we see multiple Black people who have their own businesses, aka entrepreneurs. From a teacher who created his own school to help his district, to coffee shops, food trucks, technological industry advancements, to a business with helping Black women have safer births in their home. A magnitude of Black businesses. Issa Rae and Tyler the Creator made an appearance in the video, and there was a moment of silence for Nipsey Hussle.

“I am black ambition, I am always whisperin’/ They keep tellin’ me I will not, But my will won’t listen/ Gravity on a black man, With everything on his back and/ His family and passion, If the doors ain’t crackin'”

Listen & Download “Entrepreneur” here, watch the video below.

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