#NewVideo, Chloe X Halle Switch Up Their Look in “Do It”

We get what we wanted, Chloe X Halle dropped the video for their single “Do It.” The duo are coming into their own as young women, and this video showcases this. They serve looks, vocals, and give us some dance moves along the way.

“Do It” is the second single and video from their upcoming album Ungodly Hour. The album is set to be releases June 5, 2020, and will feature more outside collaborations. The uptempo bop has been a fan favorite before it officially dropped.

“I’m just with the crew, We ain’t out here looking for boo/ ‘Cause some nights be better with you, It’s a homies-only kind of mood/ And tonight, we on a hundred, one hundred, No drama, no baby mamas/ Keeping it cute, Ooh, ooh/ That’s just what I do, do, do, And that’s just how we do it, do it, do it/ Yeah, that’s just how we do it, do it, do it, You liking what I do?”

Lyrics via. Genius

Check out the video below.

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