Cynthia Bailey Speaks on Friendship with Nene Leakes: “I Love The Place that We’re in” (Video)

This upcoming Sunday will show part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and if you missed the first part, you missed a lot of shade. But as of yet, there wasn’t much interaction between Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. Which may have been a sign that things were looking up.

Claudia Jordan recently interviewed Bailey and Marlo Hampton on her Fox Soul show, and they spoke about a lot of things pertaining to RHOA. One of the topics touched on was friendship, and maintaining relationships between people who have issues.

Bailey and Hampton spoke on their friendship, and how they’ve been able to build despite setbacks, and Bailey’s current relationship with Leakes. “… Even though I loves my Leakes, I love you too,” Hampton said. “When I got close to Nene, you were her right hand…” And when it came to the topic of Leakes, Bailey says they are in a better place following snakegate.

“When you and Nene fell out, you and I were still cool,” stated Bailey. “I’m looking at the entire evolution of our relationship. When she was in the picture, when she was out of the picture… Nene and I are in a great place, I love the place that we’re in. We’re in a respectable place…”

Watch the full segment below.

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