#NewMusic, TJ Jackson Sings About Heartache on “I Don’t Deserve This”

After releasing his first solo debut song “Insomnia,” TJ Jackson is back with “I Don’t Deserve This.”

Written by himself, Rhyan Shirley, and David Thulin, “I Don’t Deserve This” tells a completely different story than “Insomnia.” His second solo single sings about being in a toxic relationship, knowing you deserve better.

“I should have known you better from the start, I listened to my heart and not my heart/ I should have paid attention to the signs, I wish I would’ve seen this other side/ Tried to move on, then you look at me/ You pulling me back every time I leave”

Jackson does come from a famous family, but he is making his own way, on his own time. However, it’s hard not to hear special elements that resemble his uncle Michael Jackson. His melodic tone helps round out the song completely, showcasing the talent he possesses.

Check out the song here and below.

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