Elijah Blake Mixes R&B, Trap Elements & Christmas in New EP ‘Holiday Love’ 1

Elijah Blake is getting people in the holiday spirit with his new 7-track Holiday Love EP.

Holiday Love starts with the Christmas classic “This Christmas,” but has original, modern music throughout the remainder. Giving a trap elements to another classic, “5 Gold Rings,” is its own song, making you want to vibe out. He has created songs with a range of emotions that one may feel during the holiday season. Blake spoke with OkayPlayer.com on his latest project, giving more insight in the project.

“…Holiday Love is an EP that touches on the different elements of the holidays Not everyone is always happy, and there’s a song for everyone going through these varying realities. Like, “Misty Jones” which is about one who doesn’t have anybody to spend the holidays with. I wanted to touch on that perspective. Additionally, there’s a track about those who dread being around family and just want to spend time alone. There’s a song for everyone. Since some of my favorite holiday projects are untouchable, I wanted to bring a whole [new] energy to this project and the holiday album market.”

Check out Holiday Love here.

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