#NewMusic: Terry Ellis (of En Vogue) Addresses Racism, Discrimination & What it Means to Be an “Angry Black Woman”

“Angry Black Woman” has been a term to negatively follow Black women around when they stand up for themselves, express a difference of opinion, and many other trivial things. Terry Ellis has decided to take that phrase, and dive into a deeper meaning, expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions of what’s currently happening in the world.

This isn’t Ellis’ first time addressing racial or gender discrimination. Being a part of the iconic group En Vogue, Ellis along with her sisters have been speaking up for years. A notable track is En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind.”

Ellis dropping “Angry Black Woman” today, on Juneteenth, adds to the deeper meaning of the song.  Just as Free Your Mind” has become an anthem for 25 years, Ellis’ “Angry Black Woman” is a statement inspired by the Mothers of the Movement.

“The song “Angry Black Woman,“ was born from an outpouring of emotions felt regarding the continued police brutality towards black people…my people. I wanted to give a voice to the hurt, pain, frustration and anger that I myself and so many of us are feeling right now. Whether we realize it or not, the cause of inhumane treatment will always create an imbalanced effect and unrest for all of us, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. We must have justice or there will be no peace,“ 

In the song, you hear the phrase “I Can’t Breathe” being chanted. A phrase that has been uttered too many times by Black people too many times dealing with police officers. A phrase, that for many, ends up being their final words.

Listen to “Angry Black Woman” below, and get the song here.

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