Mario Calls to ‘Rewrite’ the False History Taught About Black People on Latest Single

While Black History is American history, it hasn’t always been in the forefront when it comes to being taught in school systems. Mario is calling to “rewrite it,” the whole history.

Mario isn’t shying away from the subject at hand in his new single. He wants action, not reparations or the “facades” of solidarity. Rewriting the false stories that have been told, while also addressing the issues that are current goes hand-in-hand.

Mario recently wrote on Instagram that “we have to enforce the plumbing for change so that the generations to come won’t have to carry the baton UP HILL.” With what’s happening now, our stories need to be told and shared correctly.

“So fuck your facades and reparations, Won’t let you design my revelations/ You don’t understand our reservation, I won’t be sleep, I want to see us like/ We’re kings and queens our proclamation, My sons and daughters procreation/ Uncover your eyes, you’ll see the vision, Uncover your eyes, it’s just a beginning”

“Rewrite It” follows Mario’s single “Closer,” bot of which are set to appear on his upcoming EP Closer to Mars. Get “Rewrite It” here.

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