#NewMusic, Lil Kim – “Found You” (Feat. City Girls & OT Genasis) 1

Sampling “Ms. New Booty,” Lil’ Kim came through with her latest single with City Girls and OT Genasis.

Kim’s latest single, “Found You,” follows “Took Us A Break,” “Spicy,”Nasty One,” and “Go Awff.” It’s the first single following Kim’s album pushback announcement. While the track is more modern, Kim brought her old school, hard core flow with it.

“I’m a cutie with a big booty (booty), big bag/ I like big dicks, big ice/ I got that good pussy, make a nigga cum fast/ Then I let him use my face as a cum rag/ I’m in Miami with Miami, we do jet skiin’/ And it’s “Free JT” ’til the jet leavin’ (period)/ If you bitches that fresh, we the best breathin’/ Jet leavin’, I just flew into the next season”

Check out the song below.

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