#NewMusic, Lil Kim – Spicy (Feat. Fabolous)

The next song Lil’ Kim has dropped on us is “Spicy,” featuring Fabolous. “Spicy” is followed behind Kim’s last single, “Took Us A Break,” which she also dropped a video for. Kim is also featured in Remy Ma’s single “Wake Me Up,” which is a sample of her iconic song, “Queen Bitch.”

[Verse 1: Lil’ Kim] “(Muah!) Muy caliente/ Time to keep it cool, that’s what the wrist say/ Don’t be a fool, that’s what the fist say (woo)/ I’m crushin’ these bitches like it’s a Wednesday/ Skrt skrt, that what the Wraith do/ Inside whited out, I just erased you/ Outside all black, it’s biracial/ I’m married to the money and I’m so faithful/ Man, this ring finger so icy (icy)/ It’s like my middle finger don’t fuck with it (fuck y’all niggas)/ These red bottoms so spicy (spicy)/ It’s like there’s red pepper stuck to the bottom of ’em”

Lyrics from Genius.

Check out the song here, and comment below.

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