#NewMusic, JoJo Releases Personal Reflection Song “Joanna”

In the first single since the re-recorded release of her first two albums, JoJo goes deep for her new song named after her, “Joanna.”

Joanna touches on moments in JoJo’s life, her life in general. Things she has heard, felt, and dealt with. A personal flection and love letter. Personal lyrics, mixed with simple guitar chords, and JoJo’s angelic voice makes a loving song.

“You peaked, Sorry to get deep, but/ Heard your story before, it’s not unique, You’re sounding resentful, take a seat/ It must be something that you did, Did you go and have somebody’s kid?/ Your shit don’t even go that hard, Why can’t you just play your part?/ Speaking of which, where did your acting career go?/ You were supposed to be somebody, You were supposed to make more money/ Make us proud

Check out “Joanna” here, and check back for the video which is being released later today.

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