We Asked & Lizzo Delivered, She & Missy Elliott Give Us “Tempo” (Video) 1

Lizzo and Missy Elliott represent for the “thick chicks” that need “Tempo” in the newly released video.

In true Lizzo fashion, we get to see her show off her body, and have fun. Donning a red cowboy hat, with a blue faux fur jacket, and a sequenced blue two-piece. Grinding, movie, shaking, and flute playing, mixed with a little twerking.

Not only do we get to hear Elliott, but also see her. Jumping out the hood of a car, yet comfortably fashionable. Elliott just finds a way to grabs the viewer by being herself.

“I  need a jack (Woo)/ For all of this ass, but it won’t go flat (Wait a minute)/ Baby, baby (Baby), Come eat some of this cakey (Cake)/ He look like he could gain a little weight (A little weight)/ Lick the icing off, put the rest in your face (Face)”

Check out the video below.

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