Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert Will Have You Smile, Cheer & Praise

In 16 minutes and 59 seconds, Lizzo captures your heart, mind, soul, and ears in her NPR Tiny Desk concert.

NPR’s Tiny Desk series features multi artists that give intimate performances with the bare minimal. A Mac, a band if needed, and their vocals. Lizzo’s performance is nothing short of what you would expect. Although dimmed down in terms of performance, Lizzo makes up for it with personality.

Throughout, she engages with the audience, even a baby. She gives testimonies through music and has fun. NPR describes its Tiny Desk series as the following.

“Lots of musicians cut corners during sound check. It’s a time to make sure everyone’s in tune and in balance, everyone’s blocked properly for the cameras, and every piece of recording equipment is doing its job the way it’s supposed to…”

Check out Lizzo’s performance below.

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