Victoria Monét Talks About Self Love & Physical Growth on “Ass Like That”

Victoria Monét is back on the scene by herself with her latest song, “Ass Like That.” The song definitely goes beyond the initial title. “I wanted to be strong enough to talk about my own body, the way men do in many rap songs.”

Monét is a hitmaker for many different artists, and she’s been coming into her own over the past couple of years. “Ass Like That” is no exception. While the title grabs you, and the chorus makes you bop your head, the content in the verses share more of a story.

“Met him about 2 months ago, Said his name was gym/ And that he’d make me better than before, So we work it out everyday/ We be makin’ heads turn slow, You know what they say bout the grass/ What you water that’s gon’ grow, So I made it grow/ Yea yea I know you love the way, I’m lookin’ in my jeans/ You wish that you could hold that, I know you love the way my body sittin’ up”

Monet shared her thoughts and feelings about the song. “I had goals I wanted to accomplish in the gym—not just for the look,” Monét said. “But also for new personal challenges, to overcome daily, for discipline and for the health of the only true home I’ll have forever. I know with gym work comes comments about my body or suggestions like “don’t get too buff,” but I’m not afraid of being strong.”

Check out the song here, and watch the lyric visual below.

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