Tinashe & 6lack Get Intimate on Their New Single “Touch & Go”

Upon hearing the title “Touch & Go,” you’ll wonder what this song will be about. While listening, you hear a story that’s all too relatable with Tinashe & 6lack.

With the intimacy of the song matching the intimacy of the cover art, Tinashe & 6lack are a good match. Tinashe just dropped her song “Die A Little Bit” under 2 weeks ago, and she’s determined to get her mindset, and space back.

After her label departure, Tinashe is enjoying being independent, and “Touch & Go” is a good addition to the independent track. The song explores a touch and go relationship, something everyone has been through. Regardless of the type of relationship, it’s something to vibe, and make you think.

“Checkin’ my phone every ten minutes, Thinkin’ it’s gon’ be you, hmm/ I just wanna fix this, but you don’t wanna try/ If you don’t wanna be, why you always on my line?/ Puttin’ your peace over mine, Meet me in the middle, oh”

Via. Genius

Check out “Touch & Go” below.

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