Tamar Braxton Gets Emotional While She & Kandi Discuss Where Their Friendship Went Wrong

It’s no secret that Tamar Braxton and a few fellow women in the industry had some “issues” over the past couple of years. However, while in the Celebrity Big Brother House with one of the women, Kandi and Braxton have no choice but to talk.

While no one on the outside of their group really knows what happened, Braxton and Kandi attempted to discuss the issues as they are stuck together in a house.

During different confessionals, Both ladies speak on one another, discussing issues. Kandi states that since she and a few other of Braxton’s former friends appeared on The Real after she was fired, that’s when issues started to happen, as well as on tour.

After that moment, the ladies took time to try and hash out their differences, to no avail. During the discussion Braxton felt disrespected while Kandi snickered at moments. Kandi appears to feel that all of this is a huge misunderstanding. After the conversation is over, Braxton goes into the confessional and cries in private.


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