The Weeknd

In the first release of new music by Aaliyah since the resurgence of Blackground Records, the company has released the song “Poison” with The Weeknd. In 2 minutes and 42 seconds, the label, still run by Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson, attempts to recreate that pure Aaliyah magic in a different lane. […]

#NewMusic: Blackground Records Releases Aaliyah, The Weeknd Collab ‘Poison’

The Weeknd is making moves and becoming more versatile, especially in Fashion.   The Weeknd first announced his H&M collaboration back in November of 2016 on Instagram. “I had a great time selecting my Spring Icons at H&M. I love the mix of urban pieces like bombers and hoodies with tailored shirts […]

The Weeknd Teams Up With H&M On “Spring Icons Collection”