Russell Taylor

Philadelphia native Russell Taylor returns with his new provocative single “Cherry,” appropriately released on Valentine’s Day. It’s his first new single from his forthcoming album. It’s his first new single from the VH1 You Oughta Know Artist alum’s forthcoming album. Produced by Taylor and B. Fischer and co-written by Will Boston, Taylor says the […]

#NewMusic: Russell Taylor Flirts with Danger on ‘Cherry’

After releasing his powerful video for “Wake Up,” Russell Taylor releases an acoustic performance for iHeart Radio’s Virtual DUNKIN LATTE LOUNGE. “Wake Up” address racial and social injustices, and brings awareness and attention to what has happened, and what’s happening now. The “Wake Up” short music-film was directed by¬†Dominga Martin¬†in Boston […]

#NewVideo: Watch Russell Taylor Perform an Acoustic Version of ‘Wake ...

Russell Taylor’s latest track, “Wake Up,” is a call to action for Black, Indigenous, People of Color and their Allies. It’s written and produced by Taylor, and co-written by the artist CROWN for IndigoBlue Music, the song and video bring attention to what’s happening, and been happening in the world, while also highlighting different […]

#NewVideo: Watch Russell Taylor Call for Attention & Action in ...

Quarantine isn’t stopping creatives, and Russell Taylor is proof of it. After releasing his latest single “Come Morning,” he has put together a quarantine style music video for the single. Not just by himself, but with others as well. “I released Come Morning on whim, I needed something creative to do. […]

Russell Taylor Releases Quarantine Style Music Video for “Come Morning”