Philaye Films

Philip Johnson of Philaye Films continues to evolve his creativity. In just about a year, two films he helped co-create/produce are now on two separate streaming services. The films  “The Unhinged” and “Maybe Next Christmas” were released in 2021 to much success. “The Unhinged,” created by Robert Graves and Johnson, follows a […]

Philip Johnson Places Two Films on Streaming Services: ‘Extremely Fulfilled’

Halloween and Christmas can serve as memorable times in one’s life, good, bad and indifferent. Creatives Philip Johnson, Robert Graves and LJ Lameck decided to tackle both holidays in new and different ways. “The Unhinged,” created by Graves and Johnson, follows a young man who tries to find new love after […]

A Philaye Films Double Feature: Creators Behind ‘The Unhinged’ and ...

When I first Interviewed Philip Johnson in 2019, he had produced, starred in, and co-wrote multiple shows under his company Philaye Films. He was on his way to Los Angeles after living in New York (originally from Detroit), and shared thoughts, hopes, inspirations, realities, and more. Now, in 2021, his hard […]

Philip Johnson of Philaye Films Discusses Upcoming Projects, Growth, Representation, ...