Riley Exudes “Big Girl Energy” in Latest Single & Video

Riley, aka Amber Riley, is feeling herself in “BGE,” and rightfully so. Riley has been a force in the music industry, and is now going on the solo artist journey. “BGE” is confidence, self love, power, and more. Filled with beautiful Black people throughout, Riley of course couldn’t have a video for a song called “BGE” without having a moment or two with fellow big girls.

I got that big girl energy, I got that hood, that’s still in me/ That’s why he hates, hates to love me/ Big girl energy, I got that hood, that’s still in me (That’s still in me)/ You say I go too hard on you, But I give my heart to you/ You gotta love this masterpiece, You gotta love every part of me”

Lyrics via. Genius

Watch the video below, and stream/download “BGE” here.

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