#Review, Tamar Braxton – Bluebird of Happiness

This may be Tamar Braxton’s most personal album, but it surely isn’t the best. To know me is to know I love the whole Braxton clan, starting from Toni Braxton, and going all down the Braxton clan, but I have to call a spade a spade. This isn’t her best work. 


Tamar’s “Last and FINAL” album, “Bluebird of Happiness,” is the first on her own record label, Loganland records. The 11 track album, as a whole, is true R&B in its essence, but in it’s core; felt like it was lacking something. Artistically, Tamar’s best album is her third album, “Calling All Lovers.

“My Forever,” the first track on BBOH (Bluebird of Happiness), begins almost whimsical like, like you’re about to be taken on a journey to storybook land with the chimes in the beginning. Tamar has always adorned Herbert on television, social media, and more, but just like their love has been on display, so has their problems.

“My Forever”

[Verse 1]

“When I said I do, I put it on my life that I loved you

And forever, that’s my vow, boy, it’s true

Won’t let anyone come in between

You’re the one, my everything

I just knew from the way that you hold me

From the way that you wrap me up in your arms

Says I’m the only—girl, that’s how I know it’s you”


“Your love feels like no space or time

Feels like a dream come true

Cause my forever is you

No wonderin’ who I’ll be with

It’s like I’ve always known who

Boy, my forever is you”

It’s clear this album is about her, and her relationship with Vincent Herbert, but not everything is clean and happy like the first track. Throughout the album, Tamar sings about life, love, cheating, catching your significant other cheating, being done, feeling less than, but through it all; overcoming. Now, we as fans don’t know how much is personal reflections, and how much is speaking in general involving some of Tamar’s lyrics.


For intense, one of the most emotional songs on the album, “Heart In My Hands.” Now, Tamar has four more sisters, and a mother, who have all dealt with cheating men, so the personal touches may stem from every one of their own personal situations, but the pain Tamar delivers in “Heart In My Hands,” and “Blind” is undeniably pure talent and emotion.

“Heart In My Hands”

[Verse 1]

“You left your phone on the sink

So I grabbed it without thinking

I would hand it to you as I turned to leave

Later that night as you sleep

I was kissing you and we were interrupted by an unfamiliar thing”


“Ring, ring, ring

Three o’clock in the morning

She’s looking for you

That’s when I opened up my eyes

The words filled the room

I wish I didn’t see what she sent to you

Oh, I’m holding your heart in my hands

Your heart’s in my hands

Oh, I’m holding your heart in my hands

And I gotta know if it beats for me, oh

Only me, oh

Only me, oh

If it beats for me, oh”

The transitioning of this album is immaculate however, “Heart In My Hands” is followed by “Blind” and then “My Man.” All three flow effortlessly into one another, keeping the story alive in a cheating situation. Finding the truth and questioning yourself (“Heart In My Hands”), trying to deny and ignore the truth for love (“Blind”), and accepting it; figuring out what to do next (“My Man”).

Now that Tamar is independent, she doesn’t have that machine like previous albums, and I see the industry placing Tamar’s album in a strictly urban adult contemporary field, so it won’t get as much play as “Love & War.” Although this isn’t my favorite album from Tamar, I’m appreciative of the song-writing on this album.Lyrically (and story wise), this is her best work.

On a scale of 10, I’d give “Bluebird of Happiness” a 7.5. The lyrics and content are a 10, but the production doesn’t match well with Tamar’s vocals. The album is also shorter, so the it’s lacking the full story element most R&B albums contain. This album feels rushed (in terms of first to last song). It truly Doesn’t feel like a “Last and FINAL” album, but more so, a filler album.

Time will tell if this is truly Tamar’s last album, but I need one more album, to redeem this one.

You can get Tamar Braxton’s “Bluebird of Happiness” here.

“Like Books & Black Lives, Albums Still Matter” – Prince



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