R. Kelly Reportedly Ignored Sexual Assault Lawsuit Because He Couldn’t Read

It’s no secret that R. Kelly has been in and out of court given his multiple sexual assault charges, and owing back child support. While people are coming for Kelly, he may not be able to see/read it.

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While being locked up for back child support, Kelly was reportedly served in jail on sexual abuse charges, which he never showed up to court for. Kelly’s lawyers claim that he did not know about the pending court date because he cannot read. The charge was by one of the four women accusing him of sexual abuse, known only as “H.W.” right now.

“Robert Sylvester Kelly has failed and refused to file an appearance or answer to the Complaint even though [he is] required to do so,” the lawyers for “H.W.” stated. After initially ruling against Kelly for not showing up in court, Judge Moira Johnson vacated the default judgment she made.

While the sexual abuse charges remain, Kelly has paid on the back child support, recently paying $62,000, following the initial payment of $161,000. Kelly was locked up for 3 days over back child support to ex-wife, and mother of his children, Andrea Kelly.

Despite having to pay back child support, and other allegations, Kelly’s lawyers insist that he is being lied in by Andrea. “We’re done with Robert Kelly being slandered by his ex-wife, by her publicist, by her attorneys,” attorney Lisa Damico stated outside the courtroom. “He’s in a situation where it’s difficult right now for him to make any money. When money comes in, he’s going to take care of his kids. We’ve had enough of the bashing of Robert Kelly as a bad dad.”

For the case involving H.W., a June 19th court date has been scheduled for the civil lawsuit.

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