#NewVideo: Toni Braxton Delivers a Story of Heartbreak in ‘Gotta Move On’ (Featuring H.E.R.)

From her latest album, Spell My Name, Toni Braxton has delivered a new video for a fan favorite. “Gotta Move On” features H.E.R., and has Braxton singing her heart out in only the way she can.

Screen Captures via. YouTube

Starring Natasha Marc and Corey Calliet, a story of an engagement running its seen throughout the video directed by Mike Ho. We see scenes filled with love, followed by arguments. The phase of trying to move on from a failed relationship, and ultimately choosing yourself in the end. The same message in the song, however, Braxton’s relationship with Birdman is reportedly doing just fine.

“Tell me, would it burn, Baby, if the tables turned? (Yeah) Pardon, if the tables turned, Tell me, could you handle it?/ SeeI gotta, yeah, I just gotta move on (I gotta move on)”

Stream/download Braxton’s Spell My Name album here, and watch the video for “Gotta Move On” below.