#NewVideo: Teyana Taylor Brought Hotlines Back in “1800-One-Night”

Teyana Taylor continues to bring creative visuals from her latest album, The Album. The latest video for “1800-One-Night” has Taylor brining phone lines back into play. She creates mood through acting, angles, lighting, clothing, and more, all while pregnant during the video (watch til the end).

Pretty Vee, JapaneseFaces, Courtney Gilbert, and Nzinga Imani join Taylor as fellow call girls. While the song is less than 3 minutes long, she makes an entire experience in the video.

1-800-One-Nite, you can call anytime/ Do whatever you like, you’ll be fucking all night/ There’ll be no sleep on sight, so turn on the lights/ Rule me, own me, control me, I’m ready, babe/ You only get one night, so do it right”

Lyrics via. Genius

Watch the video below, and stream/download Taylor’s album here.

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