#NewVideo, Raheem DeVaughn Shows Off His Version of Being “Just Right” 2

What is Raheem DeVaughn version of “Just Right”? If you go by the lyrics and visuals, it seems to be what many people want, a loving and functional relationship.

A month and some change after releasing the single, DeVaughn gives us the visual for “Just Right,” co-starring singer-actress V. Bozeman. Directed by Chris Scholar, “Just Right” follows Bozeman and DeVaughn doing laundry, chilling in bed, embracing in an elevator and more. In one moment, it even appears that their love transcends him into space, surrounding by the stars. Even the lighting is beautiful for both artists.

You’re some kind of royalty (Testify, testify)/ I wanna give you all my loyalty (I gotta testify)/ I wanna give you all my fidelity (Speak on it)/ You brought the new man in me (You brought on the man, baby)
I feel God when you lay next to me/ And you still pretty even when (When you’re mad at me)/ You win my heart, came right in and tamed me/ I’m so glad I was chosen, Your love is golden

“Just Right”, was written by Devaughn, and produced by Tim Kelley. “This is an infectious anthem composed to celebrate not only women of black and brown color but all women globally,” DeVaughn says. “Hands down, I predict it will be one of the urban wedding songs of the decade,” he adds. The single is from DeVaughn’s recently released seventh studio album, The Love Reunion.

Check out the video below.

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