#NewVideo, Brian McKnight Takes Us Through His Wedding in “Nobody” 1

R&B icon Brian McKnight is back on the scene with new music, which continues to add to his impressive discography.

McKnight’s new song “Nobody” is the enchanting new beginning people want when it comes to marriage. The song was written by him, and produced by Earl Cohen, Chris Paultre and Claude Villani. “This song was inspired by my wife Leilani,” states McKnight. “It’s about the incredible love we share as have been all the songs I’ve written since we’ve been together.”

“’Nobody’ is perfect for right now at a time when real true love seems to be missing in music and in most aspects of society. It’s the best song I’ve written in a long time.”

The video is footage from McKnight’s wedding to wife Leilani. Behind the scenes of getting ready, walking down the aisle, the reception, and more. “…We hadn’t shared any of that footage with anyone. We thought what more of a special way to show our celebration and make it part of this beautiful song written for my wife.”

Check out “Nobody” here, which is from McKnight’s upcoming 20th studio album, EXODUS. It’s scheduled for release on June 26th, via the SRG ILS Group/UMG label imprint. Watch the video below.

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