#NewVideo: Brandy Beautifully Personifies Lyrics in “Borderline”

Brandy’s new album, b7, is available today! The iconic singer is back, continuing to serve soul and vocals. Brandy’s latest single, “Borderline,” is accompanied with beautifully shot video by Derek Blanks.

The dark, edgy track has Brandy interrogating her relationship with love over a hypnotic, downtempo groove.  The haunting video for “Borderline” was directed by Derek Blanks and illustrates the darker, emotional loneliness that can take over a romantic relationship. “This is my most personal album to date,” says Brandy. “Every song tells a story.”

“I’m on the borderline, Yeah, yeah/ Ooooh, Don’t wanna be skitzo this time/ Never ever cheat, never lie to me/ I’m the most jealous girl in the whole wide world, Don’t you ever hurt me/ I’ll change on you I will do, me and you, How/ Cuz I’m fallin in love all alone, Oh I come on home/ Never treat me the same, I ain’t the same I’m like nobody else”

Stream/Buy Brandy’s B7 here.

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