#NewMusic: Vivian Green Releases Seventh Studio Album ‘LOVE ABSOLUTE’

Vivian Green’s seventh studio album, LOVE ABSOLUTE is here. Recording that album allowed Green to feel “liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or critics.”

“I’ve listened to Love Absolute many times and I must say that it’s wonderfully versatile and beautifully cohesive,” Green said. “It’s gentle, tough, regretful, sexy, honest, loving and gives fans a look into my life. It also conveys self-love; love of my people; love of jazz; love of my privacy; and love of love. I haven’t made an album this honest in some years.”

You Send Me” was written by Green and co-written and produced by Kwamé Holland. LOVE ABSOLUTE features guest appearances from Ghostface Killah, internationally renown saxophonist Mike Philips, and family members including her sister and son Jordan.

“Every ballad and mid-tempo began at the piano. I went back to the genesis and purity of my craft. While there are tracks on previous albums that came about this way, I never intentionally and insistently made half of an album from scratch.”

1. Love Song 
2. You Send Me 
3. He Didn’t Hurt Me 
4. This Love 
5. Light Up (featuring Ghostface Killah) 
6. Where You Are 
7. Harlem Blues (featuring Mike Phillips) 
8. Pain 
9. That Kinda Pain 
10. Jordan’s Question 
11. We Are Everywhere 
12. Sweet Home 
13. The Walk Up

“Kwame was the perfect producer to make this album with, because it’s NOT his preference to write this way,'” said Green. “He is one of the most talented persons I’ve ever met and when he is out of his comfort zone, his versatility and genius just soar.”

Buy and Download Love Absolute here.

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