#NewMusic, Toni Braxton Taps Missy Elliott for “Do It” Remix

Toni Braxton tapped Missy Elliott for the remix to her latest single “Do It,” ahead of her next album due in August. With all of their years in the industry, this is the first time both artists have worked together on a song that we know of. 

Braxton and Elliott gave us a remix with an entire different beat and flow, but still with the same message. “Do It,” as Braxton has previously stated, is about that step of moving on from a relationship that has not working for the longest. 

“Let him go I gotta do it ’cause he already dun blew it, I just tell him screw it, so much shit, he put me through it/ Yeah I thought I knew it how I got myself into it, Must’ve been that good sex/ How he had me ’bout to lose it (lose it), It’s gonna take more than a couple movies/ Look at all this pain and I can’t cover all these bruises, Playa, yo you need to cool it”

Missy Elliott lyrics via. Genius

Get “Do It” Remix here.

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