#NewMusic, Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj – “Say So” (Remix)

It’s officially out! With all the success she’s been getting with “Say So,” Doja Cat officially has one of the biggest co-signers in rap on her remix. Nicki Minaj. Minaj has two verses, one on the original beat, and another on a different beat.

“Every time I take a break the game be so boring, Pretty like Naomi, Cassie, plus Lauren/ Spitting like Weezy, Foxy, plus Lauryn, Ball like the Rams, see now that’s Gordan/ They don’t understand the backtalk, I’m foreign, When they think they top the queen they start falling/ Word to my ass shots I’m so cheeky, Got em tryna palm my ass like young Keke

– Nicki Minaj

Check out the remix here.

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