#NewFilm, TV One Plans to Showcase the History of Go-Go with ‘The Beat Don’t Stop’

June is Black Music Month, and what better way to celebrate the history of Go-Go music? Exploring the history from its home city of D.C., Go-Go has made its way around the world.

Chuck Brown is The Godfather of Go-Go, and helped spread the genre. Go-Go music is engrained in D.C., and its culture, and Radio One played an important role in that as the original broadcast platform for the music genre. According to TV One, the film plans to explore the sound, its beginning stages, and the journey it went through as of recent.

Go-Go shifted the culture, and helped elevate people in various situations over the decades. The documentary will “examine the passion that fueled social movements, including Don’t Mute DC, which emphasized the music’s power and influence amid a rapidly changing cultural landscape.”

Go-Go “emerged out of underprivileged neighborhoods during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s and was largely blamed for the rise in crime and violence that paralyzed D.C. Go-go legends and current artists, historians, community leaders, and journalists provide first-hand accounts about the social power and influence of Go-go and how the music served as a platform for African Americans to elevate and address issues such as class struggles, gentrification and the music’s impact on black culture.”

The documentary will featur´ Doug E. Fresh; band members from Junk Yard Band, Trouble Funk, E.U., Backyard Band, TOB, TCB and Maiesha and the Hip Huggers; the dance crew Beat Ya Feet Finest; music historian Dr. Natalie Hopkinson; music journalists Ericka Blount and Alona Wartofsky; Don’t Mute DC organizer Ron Moten; talent promoter and former MCA Records executive Bo Sampson; music producers Chucky Thompson and Tone P; Radio One Personality Angie Ange; DJ Flexx; hip hop artist DJ Kool; DJ Konan; and many more.

The Beat Don’t Stop airs on Sunday, June 21 at 8 P.M. ET/7C, followed by an encore presentation at 10 P.M. ET/9C.

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