Mo’Nique Breaks Down Her Issue with Oprah Winfrey, Says Winfrey Essentially Deflected Her Issues Back on Her (Video)

Mo’Nique has never been one to back down, and when we interviewed her earlier this year, she let it all out. From Netflix, to Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels, to becoming the first Black woman comic to have her own Las Vegas residency. However, goes into more depth on her issue(s) with Winfrey, and how she allegedly used Mo’s family for views.

WESTWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 03: Comedian/ Actress Mo’Nique attends the premiere of “Almost Christmas” at Regency Village Theatre on November 3, 2016 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

The Beginning:

In 2010, Winfrey had interviewed not only Mo’Nique’s brother who molested her, but her mother, father, and other brother who she was not speaking at at that moment. Not only was she not speaking with her family at that moment, but Mo’Nique reveals in her latest interview with Comedy Hype that she and Winfrey had a conversation before the show took place. Mo’Nique reveals that Winfrey called her up, essentially to ask for permission.

“Where Oprah Winfrey and I have a problem is; Oprah Winfrey called us up. She said my brother ‘wanted to come on the show, and talk about molesting me, and he wanted to tell other parents how to look out for molesters…’ I said I don’t want nothing to do with that Kat. That nigga I know is up to a scam, but people can change, and who am I to say he really ain’t change? It could really be different. So I don’t want to get in the way of that. I just don’t want nothing to do with it.”

Mo’Nique continues on the background of she and Winfrey’s issue. “She said ‘if you don’t want me to have your brother on the show, I will cancel the show. No show will happen, but I wanted to call you up, to see how you felt first.’ When I hung up my phone brother, I looked at my husband and said ‘that bitch is alright with me. That’s a real one.'”

The interview still happens:

After that phone conversation, Mo’Nique shared that she began seeing commercials of her mother, father, and both brothers set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show.

“I’m watching the show, and I’m watching my father sit there, who was a strong alcoholic. I’m watching him drunk. I’m watching my mother be greedy. I’m watching my other brother, who was my manager, be greedy. I know my family. I’m watching my other brother who molested me, sit on the stage and try to paint this picture of ‘I’m trying to be a help.’ But I’m watching a scam. As much as they keep talking, I’m seeing the scam take place.”

“Well when it was all said and done, Oprah Winfrey calls me. In that moment I was still stuck in ‘this is Oprah Winfrey, how do I say you had my mother, my father, my other brother, ‘ and I’m stuck in that moment. When we hung up that phone, my husband looked at me and said ‘what’s wrong with you?’ It’s not what we’re made of.”


“This is why I have an issue. Until the woman says ‘let me apologize to you publicly,’ it’ll be til the day I leave this earth because what you did was intentional, it was malicious, and it was ugly.”

Mo’Nique says that she tried to reach out, and have this conversation privately for awhile. Alfre Woodard holds an Oscar party for Black women who have won the award, and nominees. For years Mo’nique declined, but she accepted the invitation that year. The same year that Oprah planned to be there as well, unknowingly to Mo’Nique at first.

At the party, she stated she spoken on the Oscar award, and told Lupita Nyong’o to “play it your way.” But then, she turned to Winfrey and said “you and I need to have this conversation. Why would you have my mother on your show?” in front of everyone. Mo’nique continues to say “she took the cowardly way out.” She said ‘if you think I did something wrong, I want to apologize.’ Upset with how things came about, Mo’Nique continues to explain her thought process. “No Oprah it ain’t what I think, you did do something wrong.”

Watch the full segment below.

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