Missy Elliott Drops “Iconology” EP, Releases “Throw It Back” Video 2

While a song titled “Throw It Back” naturally gives off twerking vibes, Missy Elliott uses to title to throw a casual flex on her legacy.

Cover Art via. Missy Elliott

After 14 years since her last album, and a few singles over the years, Elliott has dropped her latest EP. The 5-track EP debuts the weekend before she receives the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award from MTV.

Giving Hip-Hop and R&B in true Elliott fashion, it’s no surprise the video for “Throw It Back” was brought to life like only she can. With a cameo from Teyana Taylor introducing the icon, we see Elliott dancing, double dutching with her braids, snatching wigs, and more. Of course, if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear her casual career flexes.

“Missy make up her own rules, Not many can do what I do/ So many VMA’s that I could live on the moon/ Man, I jump and you leap/ Better wake up if you sleep/ I did records for Tweet, before y’all could even tweet/ Y’all be think shits sweet, Been hot before you could speak/ I’m like Heavy D, everybody love me, Capise?/ Need a PJ when I take a flight/ Get your review and your ratings right/ Missy still got ’em losing control/ And overnight is still ladies night”

“Throw It back” lyrics

Get Elliott’s “Iconology” Ep, and watch the “Throw It Back” video below.

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