KYLE & Teyana Taylor Release Relationship Single “F You I Love You” (Video)

Any, and everything Teyana Taylor has been touching these days has done well, but KYLE holds his own, and succeeds with the heavy weight.

KYLE became a household name in 2016 with his song “iSpy” featuring Lil Yachty in 2016, which peaked at umber 4 on the Billboard 100. His new song, “F You I Love You,” is off his Light of Mine album, released earlier this year.

In another Spike Tee Joint and Aunties production, Taylor along with KYLE capture the essence of being madly in love in a relationship, but… that person still manages to piss you off. And you have to occasionally say fuck you. Taylor shared a statement about the video on Instagram. “it took a village and I would like to thank that amazing village for bringing this to life with Kyle & I!!”

“I really wish that I was wit’ ya, But I’m surrounded by 3000 niggas/ And they all really want take pictures, So I apologize if I don’t find time to like yours/ I wish I could buy some more time from a store, When you get on my case, I get OD’d, annoyed/ The darkest parts of my psyche get exploited, If you push one more button, it’ll be mission abort/ Sometimes I feel like we just argue for sport, It’s always the playoffs, but nobody wins

Check out the video below.

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