Keith Jacobs Drips in New Single “Saucy”

Keith Jacobs, an HBCU graduate (Southern University), a Houston, Texas native, and an emerging artist in the game. Jacobs’ song “Saucy” is set to gain traction, and help propel him forward with the large following he already has.

Keith Jacobs’ “Saucy” cover art

Jacobs isn’t an artist that just popped up out of nowhere, he’s been working. He just performed at The House of Blues in Houston, Texas, and made his Essence Music Festival debut on Saturday, July 6th at the House of Blues in New Orleans. If you’ve ever been to Essence Festival, then you know it’s the spot for our music. “Saucy” comes after a slew of other songs.

Saucy is a vibe and just the tip of the iceberg”, says Jacobs. “I am excited about this release mostly because I can feel a shift of music and I want to be at the forefront of this change,” he adds.

Not only is the song called “Saucy,” but Jacobs also has the sauce. How many of you can say you’ve had R&B icon Mya sing you happy birthday?

Producer Jean-Robert Redwine worked with Jacob’s to create his new song “Saucy.” Redwine, who has worked with artists like Chris Brown, Tinashe, Ludacris, and more, has praised Jacobs. “Keith is a modern evolution of the best feelings we grew up listening to and all the musicality it took to capture those classic feeling in our lives.”

“Saucy” is a song that captures your attention, and makes you want to take a second to listen. Starting with the opening guitar line. The guitar line that starts the song is heard throughout, which helps maintain an R&B element. Something reminiscent of an early Ginuwine.

“Saucy” continues to thrive at national radio and streaming platforms, and is gaining attention. “The ladies have found them a new summer jam,” says Keisha Nicoleat at KBXX in Houston, who describes the song as “sensual yet catchy.”

Check out “Saucy” here & below.

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