K. Michelle on Tour is a Fan & Family Bonding Experience!

K. Michelle has recently announced her upcoming tour Over Some Dick, and her upcoming All Monsters Are Human album. So while she’s getting ready for tour, I wanted to relive, and share my own experience.

Everyone that knows me knows I am a K. Michelle fan, since before Love & Hip Hop. However, seeing her in concert is what sealed the deal for me. Her concerts are a safe space for fans to become family, to hear music, live music. Kimberly Pate doesn’t give a pyrotechnic-ass, extra show, but she’ll give you smoke, a little dancing, solos from band members, live singing, and her heart.

I’ve seen Pate perform live 4 times, and my first time, she freestyled a song to get people to stop fighting at her show. At the same show back in 2012, I remember Pate joking that Black people want the artist to perform every song in their catalog. Honestly, it’s true. What’s good is that Pate will perform a good variety of songs, from albums and mixtapes. 

“She’s ratchet, loud, and fights.” And while those things are true, and she owns it, her shows are nothing short of magic. she interacts and involves her fans. You can feel  not only her heart and energy, but also the heart and energy from the crowd. The fan love not only reaches Pate, but it captures the entire space. Even if you only know “the hits,” you’re welcomed with loving arms. Even before the show starts, fans are talking to one another, cracking jokes, and giving their own concerts to one another. It’s all love! 

And something I love that Pate does is towards the end of the show, she always goes into the crowd. If you’re in the first row, you may be able to get a picture, hand touch, hug, or even sing a song with her. It’s a time and experience. 

Check out a small recap from her show at Rams Head Live in 2017 below. 

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